1. My New Home, by Eutzly the Goat


eutzlychair1 This is me at age three weeks. Wasn’t I absolutely adorable? Who would want a dumb dog when we goats are so cuddly, affectionate, ornery and fun? This photo was taken in my new back yard, three days after I was brought home. This is what happened:

I was born on a farm in southern Stark County, so they say, surrounded by other Nigerian dwarf goats, although my memory of those days eludes me. I remember only that I was standing in a cage in Carroll County, where herds of humans were walking by on their way to some country field day thing. Most walked by, but two humans stopped to visit, one impatient to get inside, saying something about being late for work. The other, the female human, oohed and aahed over me. A few hours later they returned, and the male was more relaxed. I was lifted from the cage, and the humans took turns holding me and feeding me milk from a bottle. After much discussion with the farm owner — “We don’t know anything about owning a goat,” worried the male — they handed some paper to the farm owner and carried me to a car. I immediately fell asleep on the lap of Mrs. Human while Mr. Human drove, and when I next awoke, I heard a voice call from a house, “Are you crazy? You bought a goat?!” That was Mr. Human’s cousin June. June invited us in, and I ran around her front room, leaving little dark goat berries on her carpet. We returned to the car after a short visit on the porch, and I next awoke at my new home.

That night I saw many more strange humans when we attended a birthday party in a back yard. Mr. Human walked around the yard among many other people, but I stayed on his heels, I knew from the start who my head goat was. The humans borrowed a big cage from the birthday people, and I lived in that cage in the garage for several weeks until two older men with big noses and big ears and resembling Mrs. Human built a great big house of wood and erected a metal fence. I cried for my humans that first night on the dark hill, but I soon felt safe in that house, and that’s where I’ve lived for more than five years.

A week with Corelli

Corelli is named for Arcangelo Corelli, one of our favorite composers, who lived from 1653 to 1713. I like his concerti grossi, which feature the string family. A movement from the “Christmas Concerto” was included on the soundtrack of the movie “Master and Commander”. Corelli is quite comfortable with us; she follows us around, at times racing about and attacking our feet, at others just wanting to be close. She slept on my arm yesterday evening and later ran around my library while I wrote journals.

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Corelli the Cat

Corelli quickly became comfortable with her new house and humans over the weekend. She tore all around, learned to bound up the stairs, and especially liked exploring my music room and library, which contains many nooks and crannies and dark corners. She enjoys attacking the fringe on my moccasins and my serape. She visited the vet for the first time this morning.


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Farewell to Eutzly

Eutzly's Last Photo 5.27.17Intuition and observation convinced me that Eutzly would die this year. The end came suddenly and sooner than I expected, although I knew he would die before his fifteenth birthday. He would have been exactly one-fourth my age had he lived to October.

Eutzly died of euthanasia on June 7 at age fourteen years and nine months. The veterinarian diagnosed stomach cancer, matching the symptoms I observed. I was thankful that Eutzly possessed good health all his life and was exuberant and enthusiastic until the illness overtook him. He lived a long life, and we enjoyed a close relationship from start to finish.

We found Eutzly in September 2002 while I was on assignment for The Alliance Review at an agricultural field day in Carroll County, which included seminars and displays on alternative farming methods. I was late and was hurrying to start work, but before we made it through the entrance an irresistibly baby goat the color of angel food cake waylaid us. Because I had to get to work we made it a short visit but visited him again when we left. Continue reading